The most popular martial art. It’s all about discipline, training the mind and strengthening the body, improves the co-ordination. The regular karate practice transforms you as a completely different person with discipline, confidence, humbleness, patience, resiliency, and inner fortitude. Karate can help us psychologically to Mind set. It can help us to divert us from the stress and the other life problems. Karate will help us to cope up with the fears in a better way.



Advanced research has shown yoga to be extremely effective on Arthritis, Acidity, Gastric, Anemia, Anger, Anxiety, Cervical Spondylitis, Loss of Appetite, Asthma, Backache, High Blood Pressure, Low Blood Pressure, Diabetes, Dyspepsia, Migraine, Sinusitis, Menstrual Disorder, Urinary Tract Infection, General Toning of Liver and Kidney, Muscular Dystrophy, Piles, Obesity, Rheumatism, Sciatica, Stammering, Thyroid Problems, Ulcer, Skin Disorder and many more…



Kickboxing enhances coordination and fitness. Opponents are allowed to hit each other with fists and feet, hitting above the hip. Using elbows or knees is forbidden and the use of shins is seldom allowed (unless it is in Thai boxing, where the knee is allowed).

Kickboxing workouts combine martial arts techniques with heart-pumping cardio, which means you can get a total body workout and whip yourself into shape in no time. You can kick and punch your way to a stress-free zone within minutes of your high-energy kickboxing routine. The movements in kickboxing challenge several core muscle groups and will give you a total body workout, fast.


self defense

Self defense is not what most people think it is. There's only one goal in self defense, and it isn't to beat up or take out an attacker with martial arts moves.

The goal of self defense is to prevent injury to yourself. Most of the time, physical techniques are not the best way to do that.

The best way to avoid injury is to prevent an attack from occurring in the first place, to prevent a physical conflict. That way, there is no chance you'll sustain any injury at all. And it's not hard to do. It's far, far easier than physical defense.